Production zone:
Commune of Montalcino

Grape Varieties:
100% Sangiovese

Vineyards facing and altitude: 
South / 350 metres above sea level

Training system:
 Cordone speronato

Average age of vines in production:

 15 years

Harvest period: 
First days of October

 In steel tanks of 100 hl; 18 days of maceration
at the controlled temperature of 25° - 28° C.

5 years total, 3 in oak casks and tonneaux

Bottle ageing:
6 months at least

Average yearly production:
3.000 bottles of 0,750 lt.

Our "Riserva" is only produced with the very best harvests
and after a careful selection of the best grapes.

Organoleptic characteristics:

The wine is visibly limpid, brilliant, an intense ruby red color, with reflections of garnet.

intense, persistent, full and ethereal, revealing the aromas of spices, forest floor, small red fruit and rich perfumed roses.

The taste:
The wine is elegant, harmonious, with long aromatic persistence, balanced tannins and well rounded, with a dry and persistent finish.

Temperatura di servizio:

18 °C, Stappare la bottiglia almeno 2-3 ore prima di servire, Meglio se passato in decanter al fine di arieggiare il prodotto, servire in bicchieri balloon di cristallo

Serving Temperature:
18° C. It is advisable to uncork the bottle at least 2 — 3 hours before serving. The wine benefits from being decantered in order to aeriate the wine. Serve in crystal balloon glasses.

Recommended food accompaniment:
Red meats, game, mushroom and truffle dishes, aged cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Tuscan Pecorino. An excellent wine for meditation.

Method of Conservation:
Store the bottle lying down in a fresh, dark, dry place.

The wine offers long ageing, expressing its best characters not before 5 or 6 years of the date of production, but it can be consumed even after 10 — 12 years if not more.